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Ohio State to Begin Growing Its Own Produce

Lettuce, kale, basil and other “lettuce-type” crops for us in campus dining venues to be grown in the school's own Howlett Greenhouse.

Ohio State Dining Services launched an initiative this fall to use produce in its campus dining halls that was sourced from the school's own Howlett Greenhouse, reports the Lantern campus paper. Lettuce, kale, basil and other “lettuce-type” crops intended for student consumption will be planted, cared for and harvested by volunteers and students within the Department of Horticulture & Crop Science as a collaborative effort between Dining Services and the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The initiative, which cost less than $1,000 to launch (which was provided by Dining Services), is expected to supply a significant amount of produce to OSU dining halls as time goes on. The first crop of kale is set to be harvested in November.

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