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Pig Is In on America's Dinner Tables

Pork is set to surpass beef due to variety of cost and supply factors.

Pork is about to surpass beef on American plates as chicken did two decades ago, reports Bloomberg Business. Hog herds have rebounded from a deadly virus last year, while record-high meat prices and cheaper feed led to breeding of more sows and bigger pigs. As pork output in 2015 jumps 4.6 percent to a record, cattle ranchers have yet to recover from a 2012 drought, and beef production is headed for a 22-year low, the USDA estimates. When porcine epidemic diarrhea virus killed millions of piglets across the country in 2014, prices for bacon and pork chops surged to all-time highs as supplies tightened. With more hogs arriving in recent months and demand increasing, costs are dropping for buyers

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