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Roasted crickets offered as taco topping at UConn food truck

Roasted crickets offered as taco topping at UConn food truck

Few takers so far for out-of-the-box alternate protein source, but it's no joke.

University of Connecticut Dining Services is out to bug the customers of its Food for Thought food truck. Among the toppings now available for the truck’s taco menu is…crickets, roasted and available for an additional 99 cents.

Unsurprisingly, only a handful of taco fans have taken advantage, per a recent article in the school’s Daily Campus student paper.

The UConn Dining website touts the new menu item as “an excellent source of protein, calcium, iron and all 9 essential amino acids.” The former creepy crawlies are also organic, GMO-free and Earth Friendly, the site notes helpfully.

According to Daily Campus, the idea was brought to UConn by Executive Director of Dining Services Dennis Pearce, who saw it at a recent food show. The product is sourced from Canadian firm Next Millennium Farms, which specializes in entomoculture, the raising of insects for human consumption as an alternate protein source.

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