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Site tabulates top sustainable college-run farms

Site tabulates top sustainable college-run farms

Cal State Chico's Chico University Farm tops list of 30 campus-connected agricultural ventures.

College Values Online recently published a ranking of the Top 30 Sustainable College Run Farms in the U.S. The top 5 were Chico University Farm at California State University at Chico, Berea College Farm, Case Western Reserve University Farm, Dickinson College Organic Farm and University of Massachusetts-Amherst Student Farm.

The ranking system awarded points for various facets, including sales to campus dining halls. Other criteria included  farm size, organic certification, use in academic course, the inclusion of an animal component and sales of its products at on- and off-campus venues and through CSAs.

Unsurprisingly, 8 of the 30 are in California and another 4 in the Southeast but harsher growing climates like the Midwest (with 6) and New England (with 5) also garnered substantial representation on the list.

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