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TJ Talabi director of resident dining for Sodexo at Tulane with some satisfied customers of the school39s new Rouler food truck
<p>T.J. Talabi, director of resident dining for Sodexo at Tulane, with some satisfied customers of the school&#39;s new Rouler food truck.</p>

Tulane's new campus food truck for meal plan holders only

Rouler will serve New Orleans comfort foods and take only meal plan and campus cash debit swipes.

At Tulane University in New Orleans, Sodexo is rolling out what it says is the country’s first campus food truck that accepts only meal plan-based payment. The vehicle, called Rouler, will only accept the school’s Bruff meal swipes and Wavebuck$ account debits.

Rouler will feature a New Orleans comfort food themed menu with selections like meatball skewers, red bean sausage hoagie and shrimp po’ boy.

It will be the Tulane campus’s second distinctive mobile eatery, following Ironsides Waffles, which won an FM Best Concept Award this year in the Best Menu category.

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