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UI-Springfield Opens Automated 24/7 C-store

Shop24 unit offers convenient access to selection of more than 200 items.

The University of Illinois-Springfield (UIS) has installed a Shop24 automated c-store on its campus, becoming the first location in Illinois with a unit. There are Shop24s in locations in ten other states.

The unit at UIS is operated by the school's dining department and is located on the path between the on-campus dorm cluster and the student union, providing a variety of packaged goods that are available round the clock seven days a week.

"Sales for the first seven days of operation exceeded forecast by nearly forty percent," says Dave Brotherton, vice president of marketing & business development for Shop24 Global. "2015 and beyond will see a greater number of on-campus new store locations like the UIS store as we deepen our relationships within the higher education sales channel and with the national convenience, foodservice, and vending operators that also serve it," he adds.

The self-contained, totally automated and refrigerated Shop24 units are designed to enable 24/7 accessible consumer purchasing from a selection of more than 200 items ranging in weight from 1 ounce to 10 pounds in a well-lit, security-camera-monitored environment, either outdoors or indoors.

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