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Papardelle Al Ragu Di Anitra (Wide Noodle Pasta with Duck Ragu)

Papardelle Al Ragu Di Anitra (Wide Noodle Pasta with Duck Ragu)

Wide Noodle Pasta with Duck Ragu

YIELD: 15 servings
10 duck legs
1 lb. mirepoix
2 Tbsps. tomato paste
2 cups dry red wine
Brown sauce as needed 1 standard sachet
2 lbs. papardelle pasta
2 cups carrots, brunoise
1 cup parsley, chopped
1 cup Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, grated

1. Remove any excess fat from duck legs. Season duck legs with salt and pepper and sear in a rondeau. Once both sides of legs are golden brown, remove them and set aside.
2. Caramelize mirepoix in the same rondeau, being careful not to burn it. Add tomato paste and cook out the paste. Add red wine, and reduce by half.
3. Add duck legs and enough stock to cover three fourths of meat. Add sachet, cover pan and braise duck until
3⁄4 done, approximately 1⁄2 hour. Make sure to turn legs over every 15 minutes. Remove cover and finish braising skin side up until fork tender.
4. Remove legs and let cool. Reduce braising liquid to desired consistency.
5. Cook pasta in salted water.
6. Blanch carrot bruniose.
7. When duck legs are cool, remove meat from bones, shred and return to pan to reheat the meat. Add pasta.
8. Add two tablespoons of blanched carrot brunoise to individual servings. Garnish with parsley and grated cheese.

Recipe/recipe photos above from The Culinary Institute of America

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