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How Sodexo is keeping sustainability momentum going in a time of disposables

Nell Fry, senior manager of sustainability for Sodexo, shares a behind-the-scenes look at how Sodexo is working with its clients to keep sustainability in the forefront, even as it seems a few steps have been taken backward in order to keep people safe.

Before coronavirus and its impact hit the onsite food service world, incredible strides were being made in terms of reducing—or even eliminating—single-use plastics like straws and to-go containers. The pandemic changed all that.

Food Management caught up with Nell Fry, Sodexo’s senior manager of sustainability, to find out what’s been going on in terms of sustainability efforts as the industry moves forward and asks, “what’s next?”

From Fry’s standpoint, not only does each client has different hurdles, but each location is different as well. That makes it challenging to get back on the sustainability track, but not impossible. She’s found that communication and detailed checklists are the way to go. Listening to employees on the front lines can help a larger organization see where waste may be happening in any given location.

Listen as Fry gets more into detail and talks about the way forward for important efforts to ensure the health of future generations and the planet they’ll be living on.

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