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Sandwich Spotlight: Every 'Wich Way

Sandwich Spotlight: Every 'Wich Way

Tips, Trends and Data for Sandwich Success

A sandwich is absolutely greater than the sum of its parts. And a truly standout sandwich is even greater than that: it’s a portable experience on sliced bread (or baguette...or waffle...or naan...or challah...)

International Top 25

Gallery: 'Meet the Melts'

On the menu, from breakfast to bedtime snack, the sandwich is king. So keeping sandwiches exciting is everything. Inspiration can be found in many places, and we sought out the best from onsite operations around the country.


The most intriguing sandwiches make the most of every component: the bread, the spreads, what’s inside and the story behind it. We grilled chefs for their best tips on everything from a road- worthy food truck sandwich to the perfect grilled cheese to a medium-rare veggie burger (yes, you read that right). We also flipped through hot-off-the-griddle sandwich data you can use right now.

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