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10 biggest senior dining stories of 2020

The year’s most-read stories saw how operators at senior living facilities dealt with the coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike other segments in onsite foodservice, senior dining never shut down. It was just the opposite. They remained at high capacity and had the increased burden of, in many cases, having large outbreaks of the virus on their campuses.

To deal with those outbreaks, dining operations had to significantly change. On campuses that were once teaming with activities and community-building, residents were sequestered in their homes. Communal dining shut down. But dining services did not. They found new ways to engage with their residents, from room service to bar and ice cream carts.

Dining programs also started live streaming cooking classes and found new ways to be environmentally friendly with new packaging (a challenge many operators faced but saw pushed to the back burner).

The year’s top-read stories also looked at how two operators who recently joined senior dining were thrust into the COVID pandemic and learned on the job.

Here are the 10 biggest stories of the year.

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