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Power Players

How Food Management’s 2020 Senior Dining Power Players adjust for coronavirus

Food Management’s 2020 Senior Dining Power Players is designed to provide FM readers a glimpse into how the largest single-site communities in in the senior living market operate their dining programs. Like the other market segments featured in FM’s Power Players series for K-12 Schools, colleges and hospitals, the senior dining operators listed here have been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, with many closing their community dining venues in favor of takeout and meal delivery, and all of them at least placing social distancing restrictions on in-person dining.

The senior dining list and individual unit data are taken from the 2020 LeadingAge/Ziegler 200 list of the Nation’s 200 Largest Not-for-Profit Senior Living Communities (registration required to access). Individual community profiles and data on dining outlets was compiled by FM, but it should be noted that reactions and responses to COVID are fluid and ever-changing, depending on both the evolving policies of the individual communities and the varying mandates they must comply with from their state and local authorities. Therefore, the narratives here reflect the most recent data FM secured at time of publication, but they may have since changed given developing circumstances.

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