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AFFI Joins Group Addressing GE Labeling

Coalition for Safe Affordable Food advocates for federal labeling solution for foods with genetically-enhanced ingredients.

The American Frozen Food Institute has announced that it will partner with the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food to advocate for a federal labeling solution for food products made with genetically-enhanced ingredients. The Coalition is a recently-launched group led by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and National Corn Growers Association seeking the enactment of federal legislation that creates a voluntary program administered by the FDA to evaluate food labels that claim the presence or absence of genetically-enhanced ingredients.

“AFFI is pleased to join the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food and looks forward to working with our coalition partners and lawmakers in support of a responsible and effective federal labeling program that prevents the creation of a complicated patchwork of state-based labeling rules that would increase, rather than reduce, consumer confusion,” says AFFI President/CEO Kraig Naasz.

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