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The new LiveWell with Traditions program provides customized, tailored, home-delivered meals for health plan, Medicare Advantage Plan and Managed Care Organization members with chronic medical conditions or post-acute discharge.

Elior North America looks to expand in home-delivered meals market

Among its initiatives in 2022, Elior North America expanded its Community Meals division with the launch of the LiveWell with Traditions medically tailored meals unit.

A unit of French global firm Elior Group, Elior North America expanded its offerings in 2022 with the launch of LiveWell with Traditions, which provides customized, tailored, home-delivered meals for health plan, Medicare Advantage Plan and Managed Care Organization members with chronic medical conditions or post-acute discharge, not only helping to improve the individuals’ health but significantly reducing hospital readmission and emergency room visits. Meals are designed by LiveWell’s registered dietitians to meet the specific dietary requirements of individuals, helping them maintain optimal health through enhanced nutrition.

Individuals using the program receive reliable, to-the-door meal delivery of nutritionally balanced, appealing meals that support their well-being while medical directors, case managers, nurse practitioners and insurance carriers benefit from LiveWell’s high-touch service and high consumer satisfaction marks.

LiveWell with Traditions is part of Elior’s Community Meals segment, which also includes TRIO Community Meals, a major provider of senior nutrition meals, and USDA meal manufacturer Traditions.

Meanwhile, the company announced last spring that it will close the Preferred Meals fresh and frozen prepared snacks and meals production and distribution operation it had acquired in 2016, saying that "its industrial activity is too far removed from our core business and weighs heavily on the Group’s finances." Preferred Meals generated $211 million in revenues in fiscal 2020-21 and $139 million in the first half of fiscal 2021-22, so its removal had a negative impact on overall revenue generation in 2022.

Also in 2022, Elior North America launched two new menu concepts: pizza concept Dohlio and chicken concept Citizen Chicken, both adaptable for use in the higher education, healthcare and corporate dining markets.

Dohlio pies are served ‘al taglio’: airy and crisp, oven-fired in rectangular pans and served up by the slice with some new flavor twists. Menu items include pizza by the slice (classic cheese, pepperoni and specialty pies) and sides such as signature meatballs and garlic knots.

Citizen Chicken, meanwhile, uses fresh chicken breast that is overnight brined and twice-battered by hand for a perfect crunch, then slathered or dipped in a choice of flavor-punched sauces and served with fries and other sides. Options include a plant-based version for those avoiding meat. Menu items include sandwiches such as a classic fried chicken sandwich, chicken BLT, and a Nashville hot chicken, as well as a chicken tenders basket and chicken & waffles.

To further its progress in the areas of sustainability and plant-forward menu development, Elior North America has partnered with The Humane Society of the United States on the Forward Food Pledge and in 2022, it exceeded its commitment to 50% meatless entrees in its program/promotion development, maintaining its emphasis on increasing plant-based proteins by December 31, 2025.

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