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POS Technology Advances & Their Role in Your Business

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The variety of POS technologies within managed foodservice and restaurant operations are vast and ever-changing. As POS is an integral aspect of every such business, operators need to understand the types of point-of-sale systems and underlying platforms that are now available to clearly assess whether their existing technology is fully meeting business and customer needs.

Join us to hear Datassential research and other information around POS technology, including:

  • Latest operator needs and adoption trends, including tech’s role in addressing labor and other cost concerns.
  • POS solutions for handling evolving consumer demands around payment and order automation technologies.
  • Technology adoption and wants insights by generation - Boomers vs. Gen X vs. Millennials vs. Gen Z – touching on such things as differences in desire for staff interaction.
  • How POS impacts convenience, service speed and order accuracy, as well as to-go, grab & go and off-premise businesses. 

Mark Brandau
Managing Editor


Alan Liddle - Moderator
Senior Data & Events Editor
The Restaurant & Food Group by Informa Connect


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